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WIDR in the 1970s

You will need the FREE Quicktime player to hear and see some of these files.

1970 Studio Shot Reid J. Barwick
News Director, DJ - 1971
Behind the Mic - 1973

Bob Seger records a liner
in honor of
WIDR-FM's 2nd Birthday

July, 1977

Listen to Seger's
WIDR Liner outtakes

1 mb - MP3 format

The first ever episode of
Five Finger Salute

"Milk Abuse"
FFS #1

January, 1976

In MP4 format - 16 mb
Requires Quicktime

Bands, Beer & Bananas
Kite Flite
Cheech & Chong at WIDR
Michael "Ichabod" Zann interviews a banana for WIDR's "Bands, Beer & Bananas" event in the mid-70s
1975 WIDR Staff
Dan Kasper @ WIDR
Bumper Sticker - Late 70s
Tim Allen
No, Tim Allen's time in Kalamazoo was not without its hardships...

But he also "did some time" at WIDR. Tim Dick, as he was then known, was part of the Five Finger Salute team during the second season of the program, in 1977.

"Irish Cop Goes to Mars" was originally broadcast on March 29, 1977. Allen plays the World's Greatest Scientist/Comedian Bert Science

Tim Allen
Click here to listen to "Irish Cop Goes to Mars" (52 minutes - 25 mb)
You WILL need Quicktime to hear this program.
Bob Hercules @ WIDR
1978 Soap Box Race
Bob Hercules in the Studio
1978 Soap Box Car Race
Low bandwidth movie (2mb MP4)
Hi bandwidth movie (8mb MP4)
Quicktime Required
Matt McLogan, John Gingas, and WIDR Advisor (1952-197?)
Dr. Radford Kuykendall
Tricky Dick Race of the Presidents
Promoting a WIDR Toga Party
Low bandwidth movie (0.7mb MP4)
Hi bandwidth movie (2.7mb MP4)
Quicktime Required
Race of the Presidents
September, 1977
Race of the Presidents
September, 1977
Kite Flite Kite Flight 1978 WIDR Cancels Classes
Kite Flite Kite
April, 1978
Kite Flite Coverage
Kalamazoo Gazette - April, 1978
WIDR Cancels Classes
January, 1978
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