In recognition of WIDR's humble beginnings 60 years ago, we have begun to compile a multi-media flashback through the years... If you have material to share (pictures, audio, video, posters, play lists, etc.), please contact the WIDR Alumni Society web geek.

You will need the FREE Quicktime player to hear and see some of these files.



Here it is - WIDR at 50 Years - The Movie!

This is the movie that we showed at our 50th anniversary banquet - in the event that you missed it, or just want to see it again. You must be warned - this is a large file - 45 megabytes. Those of you with dial-up connections will probably have to wait about a week to see it. Sorry.... there's no other way to do it...

The history of WIDR Radio from 1949-1975 (MP3 Format)
WIDR History - Part 1
(2.7 mb)

If you have material that you would like to contribute (tapes, photos, video, etc), please contact the WIDR Alumni Society web geek.

Click here to take a look at some of the written record of WIDR's history.

For those of you interested in looking at some of Kalamazoo's vanishing history, take a look at this great web site: Vanished Kalamazoo