Late WIDRites

Allen "Mother" Marsh, the first music director of WIDR FM (went on the air in July 1975) and an original jock died on July 29, 2003 in Gainseville GA. Allen was a computer programmer and computer information specialist in the Atlanta area and worked on many high profile computer software projects such as NASA and web design. Allen was in a wheelchair from a auto crash in 1969, and he did his work at WIDR and for other employers from his wheelchair. Click here to see Allen in the 1975 WIDR staff yearbook Photo.

Tom McKay, a Wayne Memorial High School as well as a WMU and WIDR buddy died, apparently from cancer in October, 2002. Tom appeared on WIDR back in the 60's referring to himself as "The Ol' TomCat." Click here to see a picture of Tom from the group photo which appeared in the 1965 WMU Yearbook.

If you know of WIDR staffers who have died, please send the information to
This is by no means a comprehensive list, but is here to serve as a memorial for those who have died, and to inform other WIDRites .