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The Jules Rossman Scholarship

The Jules Rossman Scholarship was established in the late 1990s to pay tribute to Jules Rossman, a former Communications professor at WMU who served as a WIDR Advisor for many years. Still an active supporter of WIDR FM, Jules now makes his home in Arizona. He has returned on several occassions to meet with WIDR alumni and with some of recipients of the scholarship which bears his name.

Allison Gruner
The recipient of the 2005 Jules Rossman Scholarship is Allison Gruner. Allie currently serves as the Program Director, having worked as Assistant PD prior to that. Allie serves up the country music - WIDR style - on "The Outhouse," as well as other on-air escapades. Allie's creativity is not limited to her work at the station; she majors in Film, Video & Media Studies as well as Creative Writing. She plans to continue working at WIDR until she is "forced to leave, kicking and screaming."

Congratulations, Allie.

There were no applicants for the 2004 award. Nicely done.

Jake Van Order The 2003 recipient was Jake Van Order. "Monkeyboy" joined WIDR in 1997, while still in high school, as a fixture in the popular Saturday ska program "Skank What Your Mama Gave Ya!" show. Jake began attending WMU in 1999, and continues to be a fixture and an asset in the WIDR offices, as well as in the Saturday lineup.

Josh Upson
The recipient of the 2002 Jules Rossman Scholarship is Josh Upson. Josh has been a part of WIDR FM since 1997. In addition to serving as WIDR's Promotions Director, Josh has helped to bring the wildly innovative science-fiction music program "The Deuce Project" to WIDR's listeners each Saturday afternoon. Congratulations, Josh

2001 Homecoming The WIDR Alumni Society is honored to recognize Brook Pridemore as the first recipient of the Dr. Jules Rossman Endowed Scholarship. Brook was an important part of WIDR-FM beginning in the fall of 1997, serving in various roles within the station. In addition to his service to WIDR as a DJ, Brook also served as newscaster, music reviewer, and production guru. Brook graduated in April of 2002, and is currently pursuing music and writing in New York City.

Click here to visit his website, brookpridemore.com

Applications for the 2006 scholarship are now online. Click here to download.